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There are two types of cookies "Session Cookies" and "Cookies".

Cookies are stored on your computer. This web-site does not need you to have your Cookies enabled. If you do have cookies enabled we give you a customer number so that when you re-visit this site we can smile and say Welcome back. Anybody using your computer would still have to login with your ID and Password before we would reveal any of your personal details. The other advantage of having cookies enabled is that we can remember what you have placed in your shopping basket even if you reboot your computer. We don't attempt to remember any other details about you except for your shopping basket.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are an important part of web-site security. When your browser contacts our server for the first time they exchange secret codes, known only to both servers. This code is how we know you are you and together with the encryption used by our secure pages stops your personal details being revealed to any other party.

Having "session cookies" enabled allows our server to be able to remember you for a period of up to 20 minutes, from your last page request. If you don't have "session cookies" enabled our server will think you are a different person with each page request and so your shopping basket will always be empty.

Changing Your Cookie Settings

Information on how to change your cookie settings is found in the help section within your browser. Here is a summary of the process:

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